TRAINING: a valuable choice to broaden the horizons of professionals and companies

ANIMP training activities have developed continously since 1986 with a view to collaboration between the aademic and the business world in order to stimulate innovation and improve corporate performace. 

Thanks to the interactive method and the use of case studies and exercices that simulate real cases, the teachers, aong whome there are many corporate managers, bring experience gained int he filed and create targeted training courses together with the participants.

The aim of the ANIMP courses is to share with participants the tools and methods for developing the skills required  to carry out their business functions in an autonomous and creative way.

The formative offer

The training courses are divided into three areas of interest:

- Company Management

- Project Management

- Execution

They are provided through:

  • Scheduled courses planned on an annual basis. They develop and examine in depth topics related to ares of interest
  • Ad hoc courses on topics agreed with companies to meet specific training needs
  • Local multi-company courses addressed to companies situated far away from Milan
  • Interactive Workshops