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Add the ISPI Reports 2019 to your winter readings, for insights into recent topics and trends that have dominated discussions on global affairs. Every Report published by the ISPI Research Centres and Programmes provides analyses and policy recommendations, from both an Italian and an international viewpoint.

Enjoy the reading!



Europe in Identity Crisis: The Future of the EU in the Age of Nationalism

edited by Carlo Altomonte, Antonio Villafranca


The Century of Global Cities: How Urbanisation Is Changing the World and Shaping our Future

edited by Tobia Zevi

Weathering the Storm: Charting New Courses in the Mediterranean

The Global Race for Technological Superiority: Discover the Security Implications

edited by Fabio Rugge


The Rise and the Future of Militias in the MENA Region

edited by Ranj Alaaldin, Federica Saini Fasanotti, Arturo Varvelli, Tarik M. Yousef

Iran Looking East: An Alternative to the EU?

edited by Annalisa Perteghella

Digital Jihad: Online Communication and Violent Extremism

edited by Francesco Marone

Leaders for a New Africa: Democrats, Autocrats, and Development

edited by Giovanni Carbone


The MENA Region: A Great Power Competition

edited by Karim Mezran, Arturo Varvelli


Rebuilding Syria: The Middle East's Next Power Game?

edited by Eugenio Dacrema, Valeria Talbot


India's Global Challenge

edited by Ugo Tramballi, Nicola Missaglia

China's Race to Global Technology Leadership

edited by Alessia Amighini


Russia and China: Anatomy of a Partnership

edited by Aldo Ferrari, Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti

Infrastructure for Growth: How to Finance, Develop and Protect It

edited by Carlo Secchi, Stefano Riela

Geopolitics by Other Means: The Indo-Pacific Reality

edited by Axel Berkovsky, Sergio Miracola


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